Best Mountain Bikes Under $1,000 (2020 Reviews & Comparison)

One cannot deny that mountain bikes are one of the best to cycle on mountainous tracks. These types of bikes share similarities with other bicycles, but they differ in terms of features and design to enhance Durability and performance in mountains or rough terrain.

Mountain bikes typically include a front of full suspension, giant knobby tires, wheels which are more durable, powerful brakes, straight handlebars and lower gear ratios to climb mountain’s or terrain.

Mountain bikes are basically made for the use on hill trails, single track, rough roads and other inappropriate surfaces. Mountain bikes are one of the best options for riding in terrains which usually has rocks, roots, dirt and patchy roads. These bikes are designed in that manner that I could handle these types of difficulties and feature.

Best Mountain Bikes Under 1000 – The Winners!

One just simply cannot test all these mountain bikes, but you don’t have to worry I will play the role of your instructor as I have got enough knowledge about every mountain bikes out there and most of them really sucked. But on the other hand, some bikes are way too good than any other bikes and to introduce you with those masterpieces take a look on Best mountain bikes under 1000$.


If we weigh these bikes, they are far more heavier than other ordinary bikes. Mountain bikes are combined with powerful rims and wide tires. Due to its heavy build these mountain bikes are quite famous and every individual wish to have them.

According to my research and knowledge about mountain bikes nearly checking each and every brand existed in the market I have came up to you with mountain bikes which will a treat to buy.

These bikes are rated on the basis of its durability, size, frame, wheel size and aerodynamics. Believe me you are going to get amazed with the results and also my research (kidding though) we present you the

Best Mountain Bikes Under 1000 – Recommended Models!

After alot of research and testing I have finalised these Mountain Bikes. So let’s take a look, which bike in ranking number 1 In terms of each and every quality we talked before.

1. The Schwinn High Timber – Great For The Casual Rider


The Schwinn High timber also known as the easiest entry mountains and terrains tops the list because this is a great starter bike for anyone who loves mountain biking and looking to get into mountain biking and believe me after having it’s first trail experience I personally recommend this beauty to make your choice.

This also makes a great choice for someone who love simple bikes. This bike is a master piece it’s steel frame is sturdy and it absorbs every bumbs and vibrations ( small) quite easily and due to this The Schwinn High Timber is very comfortable to handle.

The front suspension is designed beautifully and it even takes the edge of larger bumps.Apart having the MRP under 200$ many bikes simply doesn’t fulfills your desire which leads to you money loss.

The Schwinn High Timber also provides you a women specific 26- inch wheel version for some extra dollars. You even have the option to buy 29- inch version bike.  As I said before this bike is truely a masterpiece and no one in the world can hate this beauty.

Now take a look on another masterpiece and another baby beast.

2. The Diamondback Overdrive – Substantial bike for the money

The diamondback Overdrive known for its perfect blend of price and performance is dream for many mountain bikers. The 2017 diamond over drive is a bike which performs way beyond its price class.

This cannot be termed as an excitement or over excitement but believe me this is one of the best value hardtail bikes in the market. The core of bike is a hand build 6060 – T6 aluminium alloy frame.


The frame allows you to generate power through stones, mud and gravels and as it is made from aluminum it is naturally stiff.

The stiffness of this bike is offset by the plush and It consist of 4 inch SR suntour XCTfork. The bike have total 24 – speed gears tackles all sort of bumbs and vibration with ease.

The big tires provide grip on patchy terrains and rough roads. The mechanical disc are of Tektros which power’s the brake and provide plenty of stopping power.

The red colour gives a monstrous look and this bike is capable and fun for evey bike riders. 29- inch version model is also available in this bike.

Now going further with the third and one of the best model from the existing company

3. Mongoose Status -Ultra-light race machine

The Mongoose Status is a baby beast and it is also popularly known as the Ultra light race machine. You may have been thinking that how come an author have this much knowledge regarding mountain bikes but believe me it was like finding a needle from from fully crowded metro station.

If you don’t feel like believing in me than you can surf as much as you want but you won’t get bike as brilliant as this. The carbon used in this bike is the same carbon which you find in expensive bikes form trek and Giant.

The handlebars and seat posts are made from same carbon or one can say high grade carbon which one usually sees in Trek and Giants.

The bike is fixed with Shimano gears and brakes. The excellent 21- speed deore system will give you a really good experience and V brakes will control your super speed. The bike is a masterpiece and it changes it’s directing brilliantly.

A 27- inch version is available in this model with internal cabeling both the wheels are of carbon fiber hubs and it also have a lock out option for suspension fork.

4. The Diamondback Hardtail Mountain Bike – Uncompromising performance

To be very honest I am personally one of the biggest fan of Diamondback. Their models represent speed excellence and sometimes its really hard to match the platform that these bikes have set for other companies.

The Diamondback Hardtail Mountain Bike is a dual suspension bike which was designed for riding as many trails as you can. If you look at the model there is no chance of error. This bike is a masterpiece and the frame of this bike is made up of weapons- grade hydo formed aluminum.

A 1×9-speed Shimano Acera M3000 drivetrain keeps you cranking while the 120mm SR Suntour fork has you covered when the trail gets rowdy.

We talked much about best mountain bikes that one should look for but what about advices?. What a person should look while buying mountain bikes.

Mountain Bike Buying Advice

Buying is one of the most difficult part and specially for men they are literally dumb in buying and process. Don’t worry guys am not that dumb and will surely help you in buying mountain bikes.

Before buying a mountain bike one should also look on the frame. The first and most important part in mountain bikes are frame.

1. Frame Size :

As you all know mountain bikes are not ordinary bikes they are not sensitive as normal road bikes. However it still becomes essential to choose wisely if you want to get best out of it.

Best Mountain bikes
Best Mountain bikes

Well we talked much about mountain bikes but did we talked about it’s type? I guess no , so here we go

2. Types Of Mountain Bikes :



Hardtails are bikes that have only have front-suspension and back. The front wheel is suspended utilizing safeguards in the crotch. These bicycles will, in these bikes in general, will be quicker and progressively effective over a decently irregular area.

They may likewise twist-up being lighter than double suspension bicycles of a similar cost. When purchasing a section to mid-level bike, it’s a smart thought to choose hardtails as they give better quality We’re big fans of how they feel and that will be reflected in our recommendations.

Full Suspension

Full or double suspension bikes, as the name recommends, have the pair of wheels suspended. While this includes multifaceted quality power and cost, it can have various strangling benefits. Consider these while purchasing any high-end bike, or if you think about racing.

3. Wheel size

If you’re unknown with Mountain bikes, you may get surprised to learn that they are designed with varying wheel sizes. We’ll place the three most popular choices available with a brief explanation so that you can make a knowledgeable decision: –

A. 29 inches

29 inches are the most traditional wheels currently on the market even though they are a reasonably new wheel size for MTBs. The larger wheels indicate that they can take more impulse and are, therefore, more effective.

They can also be the right option if you are willing to roll over significant barriers while off-roading. They are harmonious with many composite tires providing you a feeling of flexibility if you want to convert the bike to more on-road use. Choose these if you wish to speed up your performance.

B. 26 inches

26-ers are the popular Mountain bike wheel size. This comparatively small-sized wheel has been in the manufacturing type for a long time.

These wheels are more effective than the similar wheels of a larger scale due to a lower spoken length. The shorter size also allows you to change directions quickly, and as such, they are suited for more specialized off-roading with lots of curves and twists. For understandable reasons, they are also lighter.

C. 27.5 inches

27.5 inch or 650b is the most advanced wheel size and one that seeks to give the best of both classes, blending the advantages of 26 & 29-ers without moving too far in each direction.

We will stipulate the type of bike and wheel size in our instructions and also give alternatives wherever it’s possible to help you to choose.

4. Materials

Carbon fiber and aluminum are the most popular alternatives for Mountain bike structures and parts. Carbon parts are smaller, more powerful (in areas designed to bear load/impact), and more costly.

Aluminum gives better value & a satisfying balance between lightness, strength, and stiffness — a guarantee to the smart, purchase parts that you could simply restore if required.

What we’re attempting to say is that while carbon parts may have immense value and production, substituting a detached handlebar or stem should not become a stress on your wallet.

This is especially true for a sport like a mountain biking, where mistakes and results are part of the game. The cycling’s are more about the rider and less about the machine. It’s being said, go with carbon if you crave for very best, but keep in mind that aluminum won’t keep you back either.

Steel is an interesting choice for an MTB structure because while it is by far the most difficult, it is a very soft material. Steel bikes allow better comfort and are amazingly cost-effective.

A steel frame performs a great entry-level/sport bike, and so if you are not too concerned with weight and want a sturdy and strong bike, it is an element worth thinking.

5. Group set/Drivetrain

Best Mountain bikes
Best Mountain bikes

The unchanging parts of the bicycle are collectively known as the group set. These cover the brakes, crankset, front and rear mech., chain, brakes and gear shifters. These parts may require to be replaced over time as there is damage and cut involved. Shimano and SRAM are by far the usual favorite manufacturers. The following is a helpful chart that will assist you to learn their authority: –

As with road group sets, changes in appearance are irrelevant once you go past the mid-range to champion tiers. Everything which keeps going down is the overall power, something that might be useful if you intend to enter in contests.

1x or ‘one-by’ groupsets do away with the front derailleur/chainrings, reducing chain slap/slack, decreasing pressure, and increasing shifting performance.

Because Mountain bikes are designed for rigid conditions rather than any other bicycles, it is necessary to maintain the impulse parts of your bike checked. A well-maintained drivetrain not only works great, it also feels better. Take care of your belongings, and your bike will appreciate you for it. This should also help you considerably increase the lifespan of the parts.

6. Forks

The fork is the part of the bicycle that operates the leading wheel. It also handles the essential suspension springs on a Mountain bike, the front shocks.

Forks come with different levels of ‘travel.’ Travel refers to the way that the fork can move up or down to secure the bike and consume shock.

A fork with a lot of hiking will have a great ability to cover up the bumps but will also make the steering less direct and usually make the bike more difficult to control. A giant fork also means more material and, therefore, more weight.

While the ideal expense of travel in the fork would depend on the traveling, you wish to do, and most people would serve from being somewhere in the midst.

That’s what we are going to strive for with our instructions. If you plan to ride your Mountain bike on cobblestone roads, it might be a good idea to get a fork that has a ‘lock-out’, which lets you make the fork hard and improve performance when the road is smooth.

7. Tires

Because mountain bikes are often ridden over loose and uneven surfaces, the tires are more extensive, more puncture-resistant, and ‘knobby.’ This type of step increases the bike’s friction over such surfaces. Tubeless tires can nearly reduce punctures and are available as an alternative depending on the type of wheel.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) :

1. Which mountain bikes are best and affordable?

As we talked before, there is a fine line between affordability and cheap. One can compromise his or her will for having the best mountain bikes, and still afraid of spending extra money. If you are paying extra dollars, you should get a better suspension, wheel size, and features.

The choice of mountain bikes is the sole decision of the rider and what suits them the best. But if you ask us, we would recommend the hardtail mountain bikes as the best choice for beginners as well as professional

2. How can one examine these Mountain bikes?

All mountain bike above has been wholly critiqued and examined by the team of experts.Our test supervisors have then rated each bike individually as being among the best in their particular categories, whereby explaining why they are in that category.

We’ve driven hell for leather by searching the market, speaking with Product Managers & Design Engineers, and examining both expert & professional riders. We spent innumerable hours riding the best sub-1000 mountain bikes to deem them among the best.

So, in our experience, the bike with good overall riding experience, quality of parts, value, and the ability to meet the buyer’s need wins the battle-royal.

3. Which mountain bikes are best for Beginners?

Not everyone wants to execute stunts and jumps at breakneck speed, and we appreciate that! In the sub-1000 cost range, the best mountain bike for newcomers has to be- Orbea MX 30 29” Mountain Bike positively. Why?! Due to its excellent suspension, frame size, frame material, and hardtail that gives it the most traction when riding in rough terrains. It is merely the most suitable mountain bike under 1000.

Conclusion :

Mountain bikes or mountain cycles are basically designed for off road cycling. These types of bikes share similarities with other bicycles, but they differ in terms of features and design to enhance Durability and performance in mountains or rough terrain.

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If you are willing to buy a mountain bike for outdoor activities and still confused in choosing the appropriate bike than this article may help you in clearing all your doubts and queries regarding best mountain bikes under 1000$. Read my review on best mountain bikes and go for your desirable model which fulfills your desire as well as satisfies your wallet.

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